What Influences The Cost of a Pregnancy Photoshoot in Singapore

pregnancy photoshoot by a rustic lake

What Are The Considerations Of A Pregnancy Photoshoot?

The cost of motherhood photoshoots is a concern for many clients. How much does a professional charge for maternity photos? What factors influence the cost of the pregnancy photoshoot? 

When coming with the cost, the photographer will consider the location, the number of prints, type of photos, the size of the images, type of frames, digital prints, and the photoshoot duration. The photographer’s popularity and experience also influence the cost of the pregnancy photoshoot. 

When you understand how the photographer comes up with the cost of a pregnancy photoshoot session in Singapore, you will be more willing to pay the asking price or even request a discount.

The Location. 

The location of the pregnancy photoshoot influences price. In some cases, studio photos cost less because logistics, such as transport, are not included in the prices. However, the setup may be more elaborate, and this can sometimes raise the cost.  

Locations that further away tend to cost more. The photographer does not look at the distance alone. He will also place value on his time, moving from his workplace to the photoshoot site and back. 

The Number of Prints.

The number of prints you want will influence the final cost of your pregnancy photoshoot in Singapore. Most photo studios offer a package for a specific number of prints. However, if you need more prints, the cost will go higher. 

The Type of Pregnancy Photos. 

The type of pregnancy photoshoot in Singapore will also be critical in the amount you will pay for the photoshoot. Do you want to pose in a water bath? What of a milk bath photoshoot? Some pregnancy photos cost more than others. So, you should find out what type of photos are included in the package to see if they work for you or if you need to remove some to lower the cost. 

Type of frames.

Most professional photographers have offers on different types of frames for pregnancy photos. Some include canvas prints, wooden photo frames, or acrylic frames. These frames are available at different rates, so the price will impact the final cost of the pregnancy photoshoot in Singapore.

Digital or Paper Prints.

If you take the prints in digital form, you may be charged less than if you took paper prints or wooden frames. 

The challenge with digital prints is you never get around to printing and framing the photos. However, if you don’t have the money to print them right away or prefer to frame them later, it is ideal to have them in digital form. 

Some photography studios offer both digital and paper prints in their pregnancy photoshoot package. 

The Photographer’s Popularity

Maternity photography can be quite delicate. The photographer needs to guarantee the expectant mother’s comfort and safety during the photoshoot. The photographer also needs to be an expert in pregnancy poses and identifying those that work best for each individual. 

The reason some photographers charge more than others is that they are experts in this area. They are known for their talent and expertise, and their clients are willing to pay a little more for this photographer. 

Sometimes, the high cost intentionally separates those who can afford it from those who cannot. So, each client gets quality time during the pregnancy photoshoot. High-paying clients do not expect to be rushed out of the studio because of the queue outside. 


When requesting a quote for your pregnancy photoshoot, you should also request a breakdown. When you know what you are paying for, you will enjoy the photoshoot more and even request adjustments in the package price offered.