What Influences The Cost of a Pregnancy Photoshoot in Singapore

pregnancy photoshoot by a rustic lake
pregnancy photoshoot by a rustic lake

What Are The Considerations Of A Pregnancy Photoshoot?

The cost of motherhood photoshoots is a concern for many clients. How much does a professional charge for maternity photos? What factors influence the cost of the pregnancy photoshoot? 

When coming with the cost, the photographer will consider the location, the number of prints, type of photos, the size of the images, type of frames, digital prints, and the photoshoot duration. The photographer’s popularity and experience also influence the cost of the pregnancy photoshoot. 

When you understand how the photographer comes up with the cost of a pregnancy photoshoot session in Singapore, you will be more willing to pay the asking price or even request a discount.

The Location. 

The location of the pregnancy photoshoot influences price. In some cases, studio photos cost less because logistics, such as transport, are not included in the prices. However, the setup may be more elaborate, and this can sometimes raise the cost.  

Locations that further away tend to cost more. The photographer does not look at the distance alone. He will also place value on his time, moving from his workplace to the photoshoot site and back. 

The Number of Prints.

The number of prints you want will influence the final cost of your pregnancy photoshoot in Singapore. Most photo studios offer a package for a specific number of prints. However, if you need more prints, the cost will go higher. 

The Type of Pregnancy Photos. 

The type of pregnancy photoshoot in Singapore will also be critical in the amount you will pay for the photoshoot. Do you want to pose in a water bath? What of a milk bath photoshoot? Some pregnancy photos cost more than others. So, you should find out what type of photos are included in the package to see if they work for you or if you need to remove some to lower the cost. 

Type of frames.

Most professional photographers have offers on different types of frames for pregnancy photos. Some include canvas prints, wooden photo frames, or acrylic frames. These frames are available at different rates, so the price will impact the final cost of the pregnancy photoshoot in Singapore.

Digital or Paper Prints.

If you take the prints in digital form, you may be charged less than if you took paper prints or wooden frames. 

The challenge with digital prints is you never get around to printing and framing the photos. However, if you don’t have the money to print them right away or prefer to frame them later, it is ideal to have them in digital form. 

Some photography studios offer both digital and paper prints in their pregnancy photoshoot package. 

The Photographer’s Popularity

Maternity photography can be quite delicate. The photographer needs to guarantee the expectant mother’s comfort and safety during the photoshoot. The photographer also needs to be an expert in pregnancy poses and identifying those that work best for each individual. 

The reason some photographers charge more than others is that they are experts in this area. They are known for their talent and expertise, and their clients are willing to pay a little more for this photographer. 

Sometimes, the high cost intentionally separates those who can afford it from those who cannot. So, each client gets quality time during the pregnancy photoshoot. High-paying clients do not expect to be rushed out of the studio because of the queue outside. 


When requesting a quote for your pregnancy photoshoot, you should also request a breakdown. When you know what you are paying for, you will enjoy the photoshoot more and even request adjustments in the package price offered.



Hairdressing, Blow-Dry, Stylist

Not everyone has the monetary capability of forking out hundreds of dollars to give themselves a befitting makeover. And neither does it have to be a pocket-tearing experience to have a new nice hairdo. But there is always an underlying fear that getting a new hairstyle from a budget salon might ruin your look or you might get a style that is not suited for your face shape, skin color, or personality.

You need not worry. We have got you covered with a list of 5 of the most affordable hair salon in Singapore that delivers both in terms of quantity and quality yet at a ridiculously competitive price. Let’s have a look at them below:

Kimage Hair Studio

This salon is the most accessible salon on the list. It is located in the shopping centers and near residential areas. They have a spacious salon interior so you will not feel stuffy, even if you have a full customer base. The hospitable staff serves complimentary cookies to customers in line. This hair salon Singapore is highly recommended by our team.

Address: With a total of 11 salon locations strategically located in towns and cities in Singapore

Price range: Service starts at $40

Telephone: +65-6298-5681, +65-6734-6788

99 Percent Hair Studio

Your team of professional hairstylists has only one daily mission: Give your client a fresh, new look so that he leaves the salon with a big smile. The 99 percent hair studio guarantees accurate hairstyle and hair coloring of good quality. They also offer a wide range of hair and make-up services in case you are looking for a one-stop beauty salon.

Address: 40 Haji Lane #01-01 Singapore

Price range: $39 – $150

Telephone: +65-6396-3667, +65-6238-3667

Act Point Salon

Act Point is one of the most established hair salons in Singapore. Your stylists work with you professionally – they recommend the best treatments for your hair and warn you about the treatments that may affect it. They are known for their perms, so this is your starting point if you are looking for beautiful curls.

Locations:       100 Beach Road Shaw towers #01-14, Singapore

220 Orchard road, Midpoint Orchard, #04-13, Singapore

Singapore Shopping Centre, #01-17, 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore

Price range: $30 – $45

Telephone: +65-6298-5681


Vintage Studio

The Vintage Salon is not only proud of their creations, but also of their customer service. All reviews say that their hairstylists communicate effectively with their client. They ensure that they understand what the customer wants to achieve and deliver the look that they want. In addition, the stylist gives the customer personal hair care tips. They are happy to answer your questions, whether it concerns solutions for dry hair, split ends, dandruff or other broken hair problems.

Address: They have got five branches located all around Singapore.

Price range:  $38 – $95 but rates vary depending on your stylist.

Telephone: +6735 8123, +6634 3818, +6465 8321

J7 Hair Studio

For people with sensitive scalps, finding an affordable salon that suits your needs can be a big task. J7 Image Art by Hair Salon promises to meet your sensitive scalp needs without the high price tag! J7 is known for using organic products to create trendy looks. It is known for its creative hair colors without ammonia.

Address: 14 Scotts Road, #05-32/33, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

Price range: $39 – $59

Telephone: +65-6735-5195

18. YLC The Relevance Of K12 Education

The Relevance Of K12 Education

For many years people have been following a workable education pattern. The term K-12 is actually an abbreviated version of a publically supported schedule of school grades that kids need to have prior to attending university. In simple terms, this covers the education system right from kindergarten to grade 12. If you feel that your child needs additional support, hiring a primary maths tutor in Singapore is the best bet. The program is based on learning objectives, advancing the skills of the child, utilizing their inherent talent, which makes the process spotless. By honing the fundamental skills in core academic subjects like reading, math, and writing, kids respond favorably.

A math booster session with a reliable tutor will get your child ready to handle the extra load at a higher class. It is imperative to ensure that every child learns the powers of thinking and reasoning. In doing so, s/he can better the analytical bent. A learning center that makes a diagnosis on each child based on her or his ability, is the best way to get the little one comfortable. For instance, if a child is relatively slow in math, a classroom filled with kids who have passed the stage, is not the right solution. The child will never improve her or his grades and will lose confidence. With the right methodology of K12 education, the learning center gears the child up through a formal coaching session, based on her/his learning abilities.

The basic relevance of K-12 education is that it imparts knowledge for the 21st-century child to be ready to tackle the problems that lie ahead. S/he learns, through a structured training program, that while problems come and go, analyzing them to find a solution is the workable solution. The methodology of memorizing a particular theorem to suit another will never improve the progress of the child. A systemic approach that encompasses understanding, recall, and revision, definitely ups the ante in the child’s learning curve.

The primary maths tutor in Singapore has shifted the goalpost. By adding simple yet real methods to prep kids for a life ahead that is based on analysis, equations, problems, science, and technology they are ready for the next problem. Including the relevance of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, children learn to use this on a daily basis through diverse concepts. Without being able to solve a simple problem in arithmetic or algebra, a child may not pass on to the next grade. It is that simple really, which is why it is essential to get a child ready to be calculative (pun intended).

04. YLC Numerical intelligence and mathematical intelligence how to develop them from a young age

Numerical intelligence and mathematical intelligence – how to develop them from a young age

Everyone is not the same and each individual will have their own good and bad characteristics. It is important that a person be well aware of what they are good at and aim to build on that. This is of the most important when it comes to children. It is important that they are encouraged to grow things that they are good at and the parent or teacher should be patient with them when they struggle with a topic. Here we will learn about the two main types of intelligence that help with solving math problems.

Numerical intelligence

As the name suggests these people are good with numbers; it refers the ability of an individual to perceive, process and calculate numbers and numerical symbols. It reflects the individual’s general intelligence and the development of this skill ensures that people who have this type of thinking also have very good organising skills and are turned to whenever the problem to be solved requires rapid perception, practical calculations, and data processing. These individuals can also easily find analogies that lie between numerical data. Most companies make testing of this skill essential during the recruitment process.

Mathematical intelligence

People who have this kind of intelligence have the ability to calculate hypotheses, consider propositions, quantify and carry out complete mathematical operations. It allows the individual to perceive relationships, and connections with the help of abstract, symbolic thought; inductive and deductive thinking patterns; and sequential reasoning skills. This kind of intelligence is well developed in people who are scientists, mathematicians, and detectives. It is very easy to recognise individuals that have this kind of intelligence they are usually interested in patterns, relationships and categories and can be easily drawn towards mathematical problems, games that require strategy and different kinds of experiments.

As both of these skills and types of intelligence are very important in the future it is important that these be instilled into children from a young age. By enrolling your child into the lessons, level the teachers are slowly able to instil this knowledge into the child in such a way that it becomes a part of their nature. This will give them the most important skills that they need to have a better future and grow well, therefore math enrichment for k2 is very important for your child.

How your child can benefit from a Math Enrichment Programmes

Math enrichment centre programs are those classes that are taken in addition to the regular school mathematics classes. They are a form of improving a child’s knowledge of math. These programs have varies benefits for the child not only in their regular class but also later in life. These are not only classes for those children who are behind to catch up but a way to enrich and expand the child’s understanding of the basic concepts of math. This is done by relating the subject with real world applications, student discussions and project-based learning.

The curriculum for math enrichment programs are designed to fit every students needs. Not all everyone is able to learn a particular lesson just by the pen and paper method. These programs help the child learn the concepts in such a way that they become natural to the student and hence solving the problem when it arises is not an issue.

Unlike in schools where there is always an air of competition with the evaluations and marking systems, math enrichment programs help the child grow in a positive environment. This helps the child gain confidence in their math skills. Along with this the child also realises that it is normal to make mistakes and it is not the end of the world if they do. Mistakes are just the stepping stones to move ahead as every mistake made shows the child what not to do in the future.

The child will be provided direct instructions about a concept of math as well as guided practice for that particular subject every week. This makes sure that the child is through with that topic and is able to solve any problem that is put in front of them.

Every student is an individual and will have a different learning ability than the other. Keeping this in mind these programs provide the child with multiple methods of solving the same sum so that the child can choose the one that is most suited to their style.

Graphic organisers are provided to the students that helps them improve their problem solving skills. These problem solving skills are not only limited to the classroom, most students who have done a math enrichment program have showed to be more independent and confident in their daily life.

The child who masters a concept easily is also given extra challenges that helps in higher order thinking.

How a math enrichment centre can improve your child’s analytical skills

Mathematics is just an extension of how we think and analyze events. In other words, it’s the foundation of logic. It simplifies everything for us by quantifying cause and effect through numbers and helps us analyze almost everything.

While learning math, we automatically develop logical and analytical skills, which in turn help us solve numerical problems. So both are intertwined.

Knowingly or unknowingly we apply mathematics in our daily life, and whether or not we take the right decision depends on how we analyze a situation or an event.

We may not apply mathematics directly in our social and professional life every now and then but the underlying skills associated with mathematics are essential to deal with every situation and they become key factors while we take decisions.

Mathematics goes beyond textbooks and its application goes beyond classrooms, and that’s what kids learn at math enrichment programs when they understand the concepts through various activities that involve real life objects and scenarios.

Classroom training sessions develops the inherent skills of the children. Understanding mathematical concepts at an early age channelizes children’s cognitive resources and develops their analytical skills, which go a long way to build their career where application of these skills becomes absolutely crucial.

Math enrichment centre programs are designed to suit the need of every student where they learn how math works through fun and engaging activities, which boost their mental agility. This early learning helps them approach tasks in their academic and professional careers with more confidence.

How much children develop their cognitive resources depends on the process of learning, and an early start helps them achieve their full potential.

The curriculum is structured in a manner that enables children to understand mathematical concepts by approaching complex problems strategically in order to solve them. It helps children get familiarize with all concepts before moving to the next level and handle more complex problems.

Mathematics is the core of all subjects and students will be able to apply the knowledge learned at math enrichment centre in other academic subjects as well.

Mathematical problems can’t be solved without the application of analytical skills and hence, development of analytical and reasoning skills is a part of the training program even though solving numerical problems inevitably improves their critical thinking abilities. And at the end of the training program, the students are better equipped to handle academic and professional challenges that lie ahead.