04. YLC Numerical intelligence and mathematical intelligence how to develop them from a young age

├»┬╗┬┐Numerical intelligence and mathematical intelligence – how to develop them from a young age

Everyone is not the same and each individual will have their own good and bad characteristics. It is important that a person be well aware of what they are good at and aim to build on that. This is of the most important when it comes to children. It is important that they are encouraged to grow things that they are good at and the parent or teacher should be patient with them when they struggle with a topic. Here we will learn about the two main types of intelligence that help with solving math problems.

Numerical intelligence

As the name suggests these people are good with numbers; it refers the ability of an individual to perceive, process and calculate numbers and numerical symbols. It reflects the individual’s general intelligence and the development of this skill ensures that people who have this type of thinking also have very good organising skills and are turned to whenever the problem to be solved requires rapid perception, practical calculations, and data processing. These individuals can also easily find analogies that lie between numerical data. Most companies make testing of this skill essential during the recruitment process.

Mathematical intelligence

People who have this kind of intelligence have the ability to calculate hypotheses, consider propositions, quantify and carry out complete mathematical operations. It allows the individual to perceive relationships, and connections with the help of abstract, symbolic thought; inductive and deductive thinking patterns; and sequential reasoning skills. This kind of intelligence is well developed in people who are scientists, mathematicians, and detectives. It is very easy to recognise individuals that have this kind of intelligence they are usually interested in patterns, relationships and categories and can be easily drawn towards mathematical problems, games that require strategy and different kinds of experiments.

As both of these skills and types of intelligence are very important in the future it is important that these be instilled into children from a young age. By enrolling your child into the lessons, level the teachers are slowly able to instil this knowledge into the child in such a way that it becomes a part of their nature. This will give them the most important skills that they need to have a better future and grow well, therefore math enrichment for k2 is very important for your child.

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