How your child can benefit from a Math Enrichment Programmes

Math enrichment centre programs are those classes that are taken in addition to the regular school mathematics classes. They are a form of improving a child’s knowledge of math. These programs have varies benefits for the child not only in their regular class but also later in life. These are not only classes for those children who are behind to catch up but a way to enrich and expand the child’s understanding of the basic concepts of math. This is done by relating the subject with real world applications, student discussions and project-based learning.

The curriculum for math enrichment programs are designed to fit every students needs. Not all everyone is able to learn a particular lesson just by the pen and paper method. These programs help the child learn the concepts in such a way that they become natural to the student and hence solving the problem when it arises is not an issue.

Unlike in schools where there is always an air of competition with the evaluations and marking systems, math enrichment programs help the child grow in a positive environment. This helps the child gain confidence in their math skills. Along with this the child also realises that it is normal to make mistakes and it is not the end of the world if they do. Mistakes are just the stepping stones to move ahead as every mistake made shows the child what not to do in the future.

The child will be provided direct instructions about a concept of math as well as guided practice for that particular subject every week. This makes sure that the child is through with that topic and is able to solve any problem that is put in front of them.

Every student is an individual and will have a different learning ability than the other. Keeping this in mind these programs provide the child with multiple methods of solving the same sum so that the child can choose the one that is most suited to their style.

Graphic organisers are provided to the students that helps them improve their problem solving skills. These problem solving skills are not only limited to the classroom, most students who have done a math enrichment program have showed to be more independent and confident in their daily life.

The child who masters a concept easily is also given extra challenges that helps in higher order thinking.

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